Is there such a thing as...

Is there such a thing as ready-to-buy miniature construction wood?
Like, scale 2x4's? Or scale 3/4 inch plywood? I want to make a
mock-up of something, but don't want to use real sized wood. But if I
had miniature construction wood, in common sizes (2x4's, plywood
sheets, 2x2's, 2x6's, etc.) I could play around on my desk versus in
the garage. Thanks for any ideas!
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bass or balsa wood comes in strips of various widths. Anyone here with math skills (I don't have them) could tell you of a 1/16 strip coverts to a 1/35 2x4,etc....
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Lots of such sources, mostly in bass wood. For 1:12 scale you can check out various doll-house suppliers. They have everything including siding, shingles, etc. For 1:48 and 1:96 there is O scale and HO scale model train stuff. Also a wide variety of preformed stuff. Another source is a supplier for people who build architectural models. For scale plywood you can find different kinds of high-density plywood in thicknesses ranging from 1/16 to 1/2", three to five ply.
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Boris Beizer
I hate to be pedantic here [1] but... O and HO refer to the *gauge* rather than *scale*. O gauge relates to a scale off 7mm/ft - effectively 1/43rd. HO relates to a scale of 3.5mm/ft - effectively 1/87th. The nearest model railway scale to 1/72nd is 4mm/ft (1/76th), which has three seperate gauges, OO, EM and P4. *Long* story - don't ask! :-)
For 4mm scale,
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may be able to help.
[1] OK... I lied. I *love* being pedantic! :-)
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Enzo Matrix
Most decent crafts & hobby stores/shops will have this in either balsa or a couple others. If you are not sure what scale you want to use, check with the hobby shop and see what size their stuff is that would equate to a scale you want to use. Michaels, Hobby Lobby and most local mom & pop hobby shops should have a real good selection. John
Katy wrote:
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John DeBoo
bzzt. Just like in plastic modeling, scale is simply the proportion of a model in relationship to the real thing.
Just like in real life, gauge refers to the distance between rails.
Combining the two will get you something like HOn3 which represents HO scale, narrow gauge rails using 3 foot wide rails.
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John McGrail
Micro Mark used to sell a wide selection of sheet and plywoods for hobby purposes.
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Also lots of woodworking tools for cutting various forms of wood products to size.
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
Model railroad supply places have a lot of this in 1:87 and 1:48 scale. Dollhouse/miniatures suppliers have it in 1:24 and 1:12 scale.
Walthers, a model RR supply place, has 1:24 (G-scale) plastic embossed sheets of brick and concrete block.
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Don Stauffer

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