Is there such a thing as soft brass colored solder

Looking for a low temperature soft solder ( below 500 degrees ) with a brass or gold color and hopfully lead free- is it made or availible ? This would work great for the decorative pieces I am working with as highlights.

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Stained glass stores sell "patina". These are chemical washes that will turn your solder the desired color. They also sell lead-free solder for making stained glass pieces to be used around food.

You may need to ask if the patina is compatible with the solder.

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Tim Wescott


I don't think that there is a brass colored solder, as such, but you might want to look into a copper patina used by stainded glass craftsman.

It's used to color the 50/50 lead solder user to assemble glass pieces with the copper foil method. I don't have any idea if it would work with not-lead solders.

The copper patina liquid is simply rubbed on and then buffed down a bit.

You might also have a look at:

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-=- Steven

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