Re:CVS18 Wasp Carrier there a such thing ??

As already mentioned, Revell did indeed release, in many guises, an angled
deck Essex in about 1/540 scale. Boxes included Wasp. The only difference in
the releases was the air group. The Wasp release, which I actually have,
includes an ASW wing with helos, S2Fs and A4s, and even a gemini capsule.
The kit is not 100% accurate fof ANY Essex, as they were all different, but
has a combination of many features. It does build into a fairly impressive
model and Gold Medal Models offers an extensive etched set for it. HTH
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Way too long since NJROTC... is the S in CVS refering to the Amphib Assult Wasp? What was the hull number for the WWII Wasp?
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Somebody else mentioned this earlier- a lot of older Essex carriers were used as ASW carriers with airwings optimized for ASW ops. Wasp was redesignated CVS 18- same number but now CVS instead of CV. The phib assault ship is LHD 1.
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Jim Atkins

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