Jet Intake Covers, Plugs, Canopy covers.

I would have thought that the military would have standardized intake covers plugs canopy covers and the like but while searching for info on covers it appears that there are many different kinds and types of covers available from different companies. Their web sites make it sound like your buying car covers for your sports car.

Interesting though, lots of great reference photos, just don't know who uses them.

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Jeff Barringer
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Yes - I know that some manufacturers supply intake/exahast covers for the jets they produce, but in my experience with the USN/USMC, most of what you see on the line are manufactured/modified by the squadron's parachute riggers.

Such GSE gets easily worn out, lost, or stolen (I even had a case a couple years ago where a visiting squadron member spotted one of thier wandering exahust covers on our line and stole it back...) and the PRs just make a replacement out of materials on hand.

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