Korean War Tank Diorama Scenarios - help

Looking for kits to put in a diorama, USA w/ a out of action Russian tank off to the side.

Pershing and a T-34?

Any of the 1/35 Trumpeter tanks?

Isn't there a Russian version of the Sherman out now? Was there ever a Sherman/Sherman battle?

Hardest part is gonna be finding some Korean era figures.

thx for any ideas, guys.


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dont forget there were other u.s. tanks used,like the M-48,there was a good article 1-2 years ago on the korean war era tanks in FSM,it had a tiger paint scheme and an open mouth and teeth in front,my version came out allright

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I'm afraid not. The only tanks North Korea had were T-34/85s. The Chinese had a few IS-2Ms but AFAIK they didn't see combat. DML/Dragon has a "Chinese Volunteer T-35/85" that includes markings for a North Korean tank (in fact that's the version they chose to show on the box top).

And if you're not hung up on it being a "true" tank, North Korea also operated a number of SU-76M assault guns.

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Joe Jefferson

FWIW Not in Korea, but there were several in the various Middle East Wars of the 1950's through 1970's.

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

US tanks could be M24 Chaffee (mostly with steel tracks), M26, M26A1, and M45 versions of the Pershing, M46 and M46A1 Patton. M4A3 (76) and (105) Shermans, mostly with HVSS suspension, were widely used by US and Canadian units. Howitzer armed versions were usually fitted with dozer blades as well, and used as de facto engineer vehicles. US Army used M32B1 recovery vehices, and Marines had some M32A1B3 versions. Marines also had their unique double barreled flamethrower Shermans, which combined a 105 mm howitzer and a coaxial flame gun. M19 antiaircraft tanks were also used. M7B1 and M7B2 Priest self propelled howitzers and M40 "Long Tom" self propelled guns were widely used. M47 Patton was not deployed to Korea until after the fighting. British forces used Churchill Crocodile flame tanks, Cromwell Mk VII recon tanks and Centurion Mk 3 main battle tanks. North Korean People's Army had a variety of T-34-85 tanks, both WW2 and postwar production models, and lots of SU-76M assault artillery vehicles. Gerald Owens

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