British WWII Winter Uniforms ??

saw a recent show about the battle of the bulge, with the British XXX
coming in from the north. the show offered no images of the British
Did the Brits have winter gear or were they as unprepared for the
winter as the USA?
It's obvious that there are no 1/35 British figures in winter gear
(and just a few figure sets of any type).
I've yet to find any pics to see if I can modify the figures I have
for yet another diorama plan.
Can anyone of you across the pond lend a hand?
Thx - Craig
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Britain is *always* unprepared for the winter. We've just had another snowfall today - no more than an inch or so but you can guarantee they'll be running round like headless chickens in London tomorrow...
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Winter gear certainly existed (windproof smocks, jerseys and so on) and was widely issued for the winter of '44-45, but short of actual pictures its difficult to say what the units in the Ardennes were wearing. Individual regimental and unit histories may be able to to throw some light.
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Alan Dicey

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