Belly of a Sherman?

was thinking of a diorama plan with a Sherman off the road on its side.

any pics of the belly to show what needs to be added, or (hopefully) would the bottom be covered by mud and junk hiding most detail.

I couldn't scratchbuild a toothpick if my life depended on it.....

anyone know if Shermans, and German tanks for that matter, had bottom escape hatches?

thx - Craig

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One thing it will need is a hole where the panzerfaust warhead made its entry. No Sherman flat on its back would be seen littering the French bocage without one... plus maybe a few more patched over.


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These are pictures of the newly re-tooled DML Sherman Firefly kit. Might save some effort using this kit since Fireflies were used on the Western Front.

formatting link
Read the review and then scroll down and click on the "Sprue A" picture link and it shows a much larger view. The kit looks to be a winner and it even includes figures, a DML rarity.


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Yes, and yes......

Well depending on what german tank you are talking about...

Didnt really matter much on a Sherman, once hit, max 3 sec, and fire was through the complete fighting compartment..........

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in article, Azzz1588 at wrote on 12/2/03 9:02 AM:

One of my dad's old buddies told a tale of retrieving a pig in Italy via the bottom hatch. Fresh meat was in short supply and it was the safest way to get the animal on board.

BTW, this fellow was a tank commander who lost five tanks but never got a scratch.


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Milton Bell

Not necessarily true.

There are a number of photos of Shermans where the drivers missed turns or didn't see the ditch and rolled them anyway.

Lafayette Pool's Sherman took two 75mm rounds from a Panther in the turret and did not brew up, but the tank did flip when it hit a ditch going flatout in reverse to get out of the line of fire.

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