Pics of the Belly of a Sherman Tank?

its time to convert some poor tank kits into destroyed tank diorams. gonna put a Sherman on its side.

need to find out what the belly of a Sherman looks like.


thx - Craig

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=== At the risk of sounding sarcastic, and if my memory serves me right, pretty much like the belly of the kit you are working with - after all, it is a kit of the real thing.

Ray ===

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Ray S. & Nayda Katzaman

That depends entirely on what kit he's going to be working with. For example, if his diorama was of a destroyed (and flipped) Panzer IB, and he was planning to use a commonly-available (and somewhat cheap) Zvezda Pz.IB kit as the basis for the wreck, he would have to deal with the fact that the bottom of that kit has the "Zvezda" logo displayed rather prominently.

Even without such advertising issues, just because someone makes a model of a kit doesn't automatically make it accurate. Many kits (particularly older ones) have trouble keeping the UPPER parts of the kit accurate; many just don't even bother making the effort for the (normally unseen) hull bottom.

Bruce Melbourne, Australia

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Bruce Probst

you mean all old tanks don't have holes for screws and on/off switches on the hull bottom ?? :-) Curious if the Sherman had any obvious access panels, escape hatch, etc....


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Hi there Craig.

Maybe this site will have some thing that can help you.

formatting link
If you should decide to email the owner be sure to let him know what variant of Sherman you intend to model.

Cheers from Peter

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That should take a hand grenade, shouldn't it? I'd love to see the end results of someone throwing a "sticky bomb" at one of those; the turret would probably fall out of the sky in downtown Berlin. :-D


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Pat Flannery

Well, yeah; I only picked the Zvezda Pz.I because I have those kits; I would *guess* that other Zvezda (and Italeri?) kits have the logo on the bottom too.

Of course, if you have a squad of Ethiopian warriors (and an Italian tank), you don't even need a grenade. Since they were generally not equipped with anti-tank weapons of any stripe, they would just pick up the tanks and flip 'em by hand.

Now *that* would be an interesting diorama ....


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Bruce Probst

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