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I am new at using a photo etched kits. Does anyone have some suggestions for applying and bending - especially bending. That looks like it is going to be more fun that going to the Dentist!

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I use the "two razor blade" method to bend etched parts. You align a razor blade on top of the part, and then lift the bend from underneath with a second razor blade. Works very nicely once you've done it a few times.

As for curved parts, I generally look around my bench for something with a similar curve and use that as a form to press the bend around with my thumb - the caps from my CA glue are my most useful form; they're just the perfect radius for seat backs in 1/48.

I use thick CA or watch crystal cement for gluing etched parts.

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ModelGeeks.com I built my own bending jig. I placed a piece of 060 aluminum, about 4 x 6, on a piece of hardwood. I placed a piece of 020 stainless about

2 x 6 on one side (glued with CA). I use a piece of 1" angle aluminum. I carefully drilled two holes in the angle, 1 inch from edge, on each side, so I could reverse the piece. One side will be for straight bends that do not need notches, the other side I can cut notches in. I clamped it over the base, lining up the edge with the edge of the stainless. I drilled, and put two 1/4 inch flat head wood screws up from the bottom. The angle aluminum is held in place with a sleeve and a wingnut to clamp the PE piece. I sharpened another piece of the stainless, so it would fit under the PE piece and use it as the actual bending blade.
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota

Considering the investment made to purchase PE sets, it's of my opinion that you also purchase the correct tools to properly work with them.

Jigs and benders are available from

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pliers and shears from
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both offer tools that will last you through your modeling lifetime.

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Had a bending tool from Pete (what a great guy) at the small shop, and only used it a couple times. Have blue handle Xuron shears, and they leave more to clean up than cutting with a scalpel. I use them mostly as wire cutters now. The bending brake went in a swap several years ago.

Everyone has their own system, albeit some better than others. In the end, however, it's the system that works for YOU that is most important.

--- Stephen

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