What's the best way to attach photo-etched parts?

I'm using photo-etched parts for the first time
(railings and attennas for a ship),
and I need suggestions for ways to attach these parts
to the styrene plastic.
(Obviously, regular styrene glue won't work
since it won't chemically bond with metal).
I would also prefer a type of glue with the least obnoxious fumes.
Any recommendations?

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When someone first draws the artwork, of what will eventually become the piece of photo-etch......is that drawing known as a "Photo-Etch-A-Sketch"?
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Greg Heilers
How about a little dap of 60 second epoxy? It won't fog anything like superglue might, but be careful of the heat it can produce. This should be a problem with only a little dab, though.
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