Mig-15 Question

I am working on a camouflaged Mig-15 from a Russian unit flown in North
Korean markings in 1953, from a Cutting Edge sheet.
The question is, on camouflaged Mig-15s, what color were the wheel
whells/struts and the inside of the speed brakes? The instructions for the
kit say "dark green".
Anyone out there have good references?
Thanks for any & all assistance
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Bob Bartolacci
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From Mushroom: LG flaps, inner side, NM or light blue-gray LG wells, NM or light blue-gray LG struts, dirty NM Speed brakes, dirty NM Speed brake actuator, white (but on a heavily "restored" plane)
From Warbird Tech: NM everywhere
From Eyeball Mk I (with some caution, that was 30+ years ago): NM everywhere
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Serge D. Grun
Thanks! :-) That's what I was looking for!
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Bob Bartolacci

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