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List of the things I have to sell. Would like to sell as one lot. ALL model boxes are open. A few are already started and a couple are near completion. Just the major items are listed, there are some small things I did not put on the list but will be included i.e.; small detail items, spare parts. Plus whatever else I find I'm throwing it in there also.

2 Badger single action airbrushes (one is 350, not sure of other one) Passhce double action airbrush w/ extra needles Airbrush air hose Badger Airbrush Parts: Tips, washers Various Tools: Blades, rulers, tweezers, files, etc Various Brushes 2 Magnifying Lights Plastic Stock: Sheet, rod, channel, strip Brass Stock: Rod, flat, channel 23 Squadron In Action Books: JU87,A-10 Walk around, HMMWV, Amtrac, M24, T34, M3, US Tank Destroyers, Tiger, Stug III, Panther, Africa Corps, Pzkw IV, M4, A6m Zero, German Infantry, Panzergrenadiers, Waffen ss, Fallshirmjager, US self propelled guns, M4 walk around, Armor in Korea, Armor in Vietnam 5 Osprey Books: T34/76 & T34/85, Tiger, M4, Corsair Aces, Panzer Modeling 3 Concorde Books: Armor of the Afrika Corps, Panther, Us Tank Destroyers Vanguard Books: M3/M5 Magazines: 43 Fine Scale Modeler, 20 Military Modeling, 5 Scale Modeler, 16 Military Modeler Various Other Books: Tiger on the Western Front, Modelers Guide to the Sherman, Detail in Scale F4U Corsair, Armor Conversion and Detailing Projects, Panzer Colors I,II,III Large Spare Parts Box: All kinds of stuff mainly armor extras, lead foil, aluminum sheet, Lots of decals, Grant line rivets, MB Models Tiger I early wheels set (lead) Resin Parts: Tiger Engine, M4 main gun (m34 mantlet w/ 75mm alum barrel), M4a2 Composite hull, Custom Dioramics (crate, cans bottles), Verlinden 30/50 Ammo Cans, Warrior OT-34 Flamethrower/Roadwheel set Brass Parts: M4 Update Set, MG belts, M48 A3 Eduard photo etch, Tiger photo etch Paints: Weather it Solution, Blacken it Solution, Rust All solution, 60+ paint bottles :Polly S, Model Master, Tamiya Model Kits: AFV Club M48 workable tracks 1/35(not started), DML M4a3 76W HVSS 1/35(running gear started), DML Sherman VC Firefly 1/35(not started), DML Sherman M4A3E8 1/35(not started), Academy M51 1/35(running gear started), Dragon USMC M1A1 HA 1/35(running gear started), Academy M1025 Hummer 1/35(not started), , Emhar MK IV Male 1/35(not started), , Emhar Tadpole WWI tank 1/35(75% complete), Testors M7 Priest 1/35(not started), , DML Pz IV Ausf J Late 1/35(side skirt started), Hasagawa Ju87G 1/48(
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