More Sailmen figures for Revells USS Constitution 1:96 ?

Hi !
The kit includes 20 sailmen figures, so well, but if You want to make it
realistic, it should be *much* more people on deck, some at the cannons
and some hauling brases / climbing ratlines / in the riggs.
(I have a vision of a big diorama
showing the Old Ironsides victory over the HMS Guerriere ... well, wouldn´t
that be nice)
Did anybody here do such a thing ?
Do I have to buy more figures (sailmen are rare figures in 1/80 - 1/120),
or would it be feasable to make them on scratch ?
Greetings, TIA
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Jan Gelbrich
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Their 15mm figures are very close. You'll have to cut off the bases but they should work well.
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John Dynia

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