movie: flyboys

There's been much talk about this and that regarding historical
accuracy, realism, all that good stuff. I finally watched the movie this
evening, and can't complain much about the accuracy of the CGI aircraft.
They look pretty good although some of the cobra maneuvers they managed
to pull were kinda contrived and cartoony.
My issue with the movie was that it didn't have a very strong plot. As
far as the 'story' went, you could pretty much foresee where the entire
movie would go in the first 20 minutes. The movie, by the way, is 2 hrs
20 minutes; I'd argue that it's about 45 minutes too long.
Want to see a great WWI flick? Watch the Blue Max again. Want to see
unusual aircraft types, zeppelins, (albeit CGI), watch Flyboys. Fast
forwarding during Flyboys doesn't harm the watching of the movie.
That being said, it's entertaining. I'd leave it pretty much at that.
-- Stephen
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Stephen Tontoni
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