Mr Color Cross reference

I'm looking for some eqivilent colours for the following Mr Color numbers.
They are called out in Hasegawa 1/48 Typhoon IIb kit.
Dark Green 361
Ocean Gray 362
Meidum sea gray 363
aircraft gray green 364
I found the conversion charts but hte colours they seem to convert to don't
really look like the colors in the photos I have of these aircraft.
Any suggestions of what colours to try is appreciated.
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Hi Calum,
According to The IPMS Color Cross Reference Guide put together by david Klaus in the USA Table 59d, United Kingdom, WWII gives the following equivalents
Dark Green equivalent to FS595 34079 Ocean Grey equivalent to FS 595 36152 Med Sea Grey equivalent to FS 595 36270 Grey Green equivalent to FS 595 34226
Paint matches for these FS 595 equivalents are given as
34079 equivalent to Floquil M196 Humbrol HG02 Model Master 1710 Tamiya XF58 Xtracolor X110
36152 equivalent to Humbrol HN02
36270 equivalent to Floquil M206 Humbrol HF04 or USN2 ModelMaster 1725 Xtracolor X133
34226 equivalent to Humbrol HM06
Thsi information is more than 10 years old and some of these paints may have been renumbered or discontinued, But the FS numbers don't change. hth Geoff
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