(Air) AVG P-40B Interior Color(s)

I am completing a 1/48 P-40B (actually an H81-A2) diverted from the UK to the AVG. Specifically it is a/c #75 (P-8186) flown by Bill Reed. This a/c interests me because it was the only one (I believe) that carried both the RAF roundels and Chinese markings. I am satisfied with my findings on the exterior paint scheme (Dark Earth, Dark Green and Sky Type S (possibly gray) but, what are the interior colors? Would they be RAF interior Grey-Green (FS34226) or the US zinc chromate and/or interior green? According to my references, the plane was built to RAF guidelines, but Dupont had to mix paints to get RAF exterior colors (except for the underside where gray "...may have been used.") Would we have mixed interior colors also, or used what was on hand? Your help/opinions are appreciated.

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US renditions of RAF colours were approximations from what I have read. The colour might be lighter or darker than RAF interior Grey-Green. Since they were built to British contract I'd go with the RAF colour approximation.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Curtiss had its own interior green color, which was closer to British Grey-Green than to any of the American specs, anyway. Pip Moss

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Jane Moss

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