NASA F-104's in new issue of Wings

For those of us who love those NASA F-104's, the current issue of Wings (Feb.2004) has a great spread on them. Lots of color shots of the JF-104A as well as the F-104N's. I recommend picking up a copy, you won't be disappointed. Now, where did I put that Hasegawa kit....


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What?! They have the utter gall to publicize the use of F-104's by NASA in research programs, when that money required to get those aircraft into the air (for no good reason, of course) could have been going to feeding cousin Lula Bel and her seven starving children (other than that free breakfast and lunch they get in school)? Well, I hope the four (or is it five?) fathers of those poor little illegitimate young'ns conduct a protest march at their nearest welfare office... :)


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Kevin Brooks

Is there any pictures of NASA / AF tail number 56-763

that is the NASA F-104 that is being rebuilt as a Land Speed racing vehicle.

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John (Tony) wrote in news:

1/72 Hasegawas were always my favorite models, more accurate and prettier box-motives than anything I could get my hands on in my small west-coast Norwegian city.

Is it the best brand, or was I illusioned?


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Bjørnar Bolsøy

excuse my poor englsih, but do you mean motifs, not motives? as in the themes of the box art? i haven't seen many hassey covers.

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Just in case someone gets confused:

The NASA F-104 article is in the February,2004 issue with the P-38 on the cover.

Confusion reigns because this is Vol.34,#1, but they put Vol.33, #2 on the cover.


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Yes here in Oz I've found Hasegawa models to be superior with regard to mould quality (fine details and absence of flash), and instructions. They also do have excellent artwork on the boxes.

Have you seen some of the Chinese and Russian brands out now? Seriously, the cover art looks something like a non - artist like me would do! Hare to think what the model quality is like. I did get to open the box of a Czech brand in my local store, and there seemed to be more flsah than useful plastic!


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Stuart Chapman

Since my favorite thing is painting,and I amass large numbers of the same type to do different schemes,I prefer the simple ones like airfix,heller,even the old hawk kits whenever testors reissues them. Not to say I don't have a few limited run,resins,vacs and tamigawas in the mix.

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