Nearest Model Shop to Disneyland?

Brookhurst is the only one that comes to mind....
thx - craig
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who me?
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There's Prestige Hobbies in Hobby City on Beach Blvd. in Anaheim which isn't too far from Disneyland.
J. Bright
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Brookhurst is much better.
Jim Klein
"jhbright" wrote:
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West Coast Engineering
One would hope that you want to know because you'll be ditching the ball-and-chain and the ruggies at DL, while you go off to enjoy yourself.... but I bet the hobby shop's just an afterthought.
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Rob Grinberg
Now, if you asked about the nearest shop to Disneyland tha was run by amoral, dis-honest sleazebags that I wouldn't give a dime to for anything I would say "Monsters in Motion" but you didn't so I won't mention it.
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John (John) wrote in message >
Oh, my. What was I thinking? I would NEVER do anything that would hurt or otherwise this FINE establishment of WONDERFUL people and their FINE products. I was only KIDDING! Yes, that's it! KIDDING! I have NO IDEA how anyone could dislike these GREAT people.
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