no more late night modeling !!!!!!!!!!!!

just a few more minutes I said......then the new x-acto knife blade
slipped and drove right into the fat part of my left hand. Geez, I
woke up the kids with a "help me" yell. blood everywhere...
so guys, learn when to stop and then do it.... my last day of vacation
before I go back to work too. hurts like hell to type, which is what
I do most of the day.
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Ouch! I can sympathize -- 20 years ago I dropped an Xacto with a #2 blade and made the mistake of grabbing for it -- put the blade right through one of my fingers and had to make a trip to the emergency room for some paint-on stitches.
Cookie Sewell
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AMPSOne a kid I found a #11 X-Acto on the ground walking home from school one day...put it in my coat pocket...walked about a half mile before I decided to investigate what that "stabbing pain" in my stomach was every time I took a step...opened my coat, saw the blood, thew it back onto the ground...
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nodnodnod Been there. Done that sort of daft thing. I dread to think how many times I've stabbed myself. I've also held a component too close to the razor saw and happily sawed into my fingers. Then there are the times I've superglued things to myself, or myself to things.
Not to mention the times I've mistaken the bottle of Klear (aka Future) on the bathroom shelf for a bottle of mouthwash and given myself some very shiny teeth!
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Enzo Matrix
Sorry to hear that and can empathize with you. I cut my thumb in front of the first knuckle with a brand new #11 blade, pretty good cut too, luckily i was at the model desk and slowed the flow of bood, the super glue was right there in front of me and I glued it back together again, all is well now.
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Mark M
Luckily, I have never had such experiences, just small cuts=85
=85 but when I was a child, had a quite big parrot. My father was once giving her a peanut to eat, but the bird decided instead to grab my father=92s small finger which somehow was stretched. The parrot had beaten my father's small finger till the bone. This was even worse!
Can we use parrots to help us to cut e.g. photo etched parts?
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