Polish WWII armoured car wz.34 - 1/35 scale plastic model [eBay]

Polish WWII armored car wz.34 - 1/35 scale plastic model

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Certi model production company, Poland. This was the primary armored car used by the Polish army at the beginning of World War II. Although they were obsolescent and worn out by the time of the German attack, they were heavily committed in combat, including several successful actions.

Kit is a high quality plastic injection molded model. I can't stress this enough. This is a very well done kit. Has original box and all original parts including decals. English instructions. 5 rubber tires. Includes parts for the version armed with a

7.62mm machine gun, and a 37mm canon.

I've included a picture of the kit, and another of a currently functioning vehicle being used by Polish WWII reenactors. For some very good information on the original vehicle, see:

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