1/12 Ferrari 312T Formula 1 race car model - Tamiya [EBay]

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1/12 Ferrari 312T Formula 1 race car model - Tamiya
The race car that helped Ferrari reestablish its international racing
reputation in 1975
* Extremely detailed engine
Semi pneumatic rubber-like tires
* Original decals
Movable metal spring suspension
* Steerable wheels
Detachable wheels
* Detachable cowling
Detailed 16 page instruction booklet in English
Length 366mm
Width 168mm
height 102mm
This is a very detailed and complicated model. Not recommended for
inexperienced modelers.
Kit in original box with all original parts as far as can be determined.
Mostly in original packaging.
Box has some damage in top left corner that has been repaired with tape.
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