Putty drying times

How long do you guys allow various putties to dry before sanding?

Also, any compatability problems with placing different putties over one another? ex: Tamiya Polyester over Glazing and Spot Putty.



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Art Murray
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Since I usually apply putty late in a session the model normally waits until my next session. Once that was 24 hrs. but lately it could be a week or more.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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On plastic kits, I usually use Testors "red putty", or Bondo "red" Glazing putty (the same product); and I thin it heavily with Testors Liquid Cement. When applied in very thin coats, it is ready to sand in

30 minutes or less.

On figures, or other resin or metal pieces, I might also use various two part epoxy putties. Once applied, I place the subject in the oven (heat turned to the lowest setting, and the door left open "a crack"). Once again, it is usually cured within 30 minutes.

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Greg Heilers

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