Question: Panther tank exhaust pipes.

The exhaust pipes of the Panther tank comes in several combinations. There is the plain single pipe per exhaust manifold and then there are smaller branch pipes on the sides of the main single exhaust pipe. What are these smaller side pipes for?

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PaPa Peng
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The Panther D and A models had a problem with the exhaust manifold overheating. Since the carburetors were notoriously inefficient, dangerous amounts of unburned fuel would accumulate in the exhaust, and when the engine was shut off, fresh oxygen would infiltrate up the exhaust pipe, mix with the fuel vapor, and explode in the overheated exhaust system. The short term solution on mid and late production A models was to add two air intake pipes on the left side to cool the manifold. Later, the exhaust system was redesigned to run cooler, and the two pipes were dropped. When modeling a Panther tank, the exhaust pipe should be shown as rusted by heat, but the two narrow cooling air pipes flanking it would not be. Gerald Owens

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Gerald Owens

replying to PaPa Peng, Anlushac11 wrote: Early Panther tanks had problems with exhaust manifold overheating. The solution was to have a fan pull air in and blow it through a shroud around exhaust manifolds and exit out ear of tank. The Panther D's and early A's had the two exhaust manifolds but on left side are two additional smaller pipes, these are the outlets for the hot air that was blown over exhaust manifold.

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