Re: "PLA" in Testors paint

What did the "PLA" in Testors paint stand for?
My guess would be an indication that it was specifically intended for
plastic models.
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Andre van der Hoek
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That they are getting their paint made in China by a People's Liberation Army factory ? :)
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IIRC the older bottles had it PLA with a bar over the A......maybe is was meant to say play? wrote:
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Any chance the PLA stands for Plastic, as in paint for plastic?
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Robert J. Bartolacci
I read somewhere that the PLA was supposed to be pronounced 'play' and was to give parents the idea that they were safe for kids to use. I can't quote the source anymore and it was always 'plah' to me anyway. I didn't start using them until 1960 when I got into model car building. Later, I started using Pactra's paints and much preferred them.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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I used my first Testors PLA paints back in 1954 or so - My mother insisted it should be prounounced Play - as in play paints. She siad the sales person in the Woolworth's 5 & 10 told her that. They were play paints for kids. My father and I alwyays said PLA - but then again I guess we were the barbarians in the other wise cultured family. One way or another at that time they were glossy and somewhat hard to use in getting a smooth surface. Probably what drove me out of modeling until after college when I discovered Official and Imrie Risley.
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut
After the first response I thought of the same meaning "PLAstic"
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