Re: Review: DML Sd.Kfz. 182 King Tiger (Henschel Turret)

"AMPSOne" schreef in bericht
How does it fare against the Tamiya kit? It is priced lower, but it has
etchings, a nylon cord, seperate links in the box, items that are lacking in
the Tamiya.
However, since there's the camps that hate the seperate links, it might make
this a no-go kit for them. Then, the Tamiya might be a nicer choice, but
more expensive.
It is clear the Tamiya kits were, are and will be very crisp and sharp in
DML kits were good, are better and will become even better next.
So, how do the 2 stack up against each other?
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Herbert Ackermans
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