DML King Tiger "Porsche"

I've recently gotten me the "Porsche" King Tiger. What update sets (barrel,
etch-work, tracks) do you recommend?
I've been looking for Aber-sets, but I can only find them for the Tamiya
King Tigers.
The engine-screens, are these adequate enough or can they be improved?
BTW, does Aber have a website of their own?
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Herbert Ackermans
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It needs zimmerit. Either apply your own or use an aftermarket version. Most of the Cavalier set for the Tamiya kit also fits the Dragon kit. Aber has a nice PE set for it. I recommend using the kit screens for the engine deck, but the Aber screen for the antigrenade mesh over the forward deck, as it has a tighter weave (as did the originals on most real vehicles). And the one-piece brass bit is easier to assemble than the plastic-metal combination Dragon offers. Gun barrel is fine, but I only add metal barrels if the plastic ones are defective in some way. Tracks are fine, but you can go to workable plastic or metal ones if you want (Model Kasten or Friulmodelismo). Gerald Owens
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"Lafimprov" schreef in bericht news:
That I know, got a couple of books on Tiger-Bs. But I prefer the putty way.
Those PE-sets are for the Tamiya King Tigers, do they fit without problems on the Dragon King Tigers? Is there no dedicated for the Dragon King Tiger PE-set?
Do the Aber gunbarrels fit the Dragon-mantlet? If not, what is needed to make them fit?
What about the Aber shackles? Overkill?
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Herbert Ackermans

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