Porsche King Tiger

Hi all
Just starting building one of these (Tamiya 1/35) along with Atak
zimmerit, metal barrel and Voyager PE set. Just a bit of light relief
from the corvette I've been building since January...
Anyway, could someone please tell me, was it unusual to see the Porsche
Tigers with track links carried on the turret? From what I've seen very
few had the hooks to carry them fitted.
Also, what sort of colour would the tracks be on a moderately worn
Thanks for your help!
Graham 'Rip' Townsend
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Graham Townsend
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One other thing I just remembered... Where on the top of the hull does does the cable from the driving light run to? Thanks
Graham 'Rip'Townsend
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Graham Townsend
"Graham Townsend" schreef in bericht news: snipped-for-privacy@ripnet-uk.com...
About the turret track hangers, I only know of 1 King Tiger with the early turret that had them, the King Tiger named Anneliese. I do know that a drawing with dimensions for the location of these hangers exists, as it is printed in Jentz VK-4502 to Tiger-B book.
The tracks are bare metal, so they would be muddy, rusty with polished surfaces in contact with the underground. The Tiger-B tracks were not sprayed or something. The could have some overspray as crews in the field applied the camo on top of the factory base coat.
The cable from the headlight runs up to the small protrusion just aft of the glacisplate. You should let the cable go over the top end a little further and then make a curved 90 degree towards this small protrusion.
Hope this helps!
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Herbert Ackermans
Thanks very much, just the ticket! Graham 'Rip' Townsend
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Graham Townsend
Turret track hangers were authorized as a retrofit in mid-1944 to vehicles with the early turret, but few received it--29 Porsche turret vehicles were lost in the Normandy campaign and breakout. Most of the remainder were allocated to test and training units, though many were released to combat units later in 1944 (the 506th had at least two with snorkel housings on the engine deck during the fighting around Aachen). The aforementioned "Annaliese" was one of the two Porsche turret vehicles belonging to the 503rd that broke down during training at Mailly le Camp east of Paris in August, 1944, and was left behind when the third company was moved to Normandy. The two "orphaned" tanks were rescued during the retreat from France, and rejoined the 503rd when it was re-equipped at Paderborn in September. During this period, the two tanks were fitted with the turret track hooks. The 503rd was then sent to Hungary. By historical accident, nearly all the official photos of the King Tiger from German sources depict this unit. GPO
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