1963 Trump Nove, Where's the Hood?

The December issue of Scale Auto Mag, has an article by Mark Melchiori on
the 1963 Chevy Nova SS convertable, right away I noticed the cover picture
of the Nova show it with out a hood. So I look at the article on page 10
and none of the pictures show the hood installed, all that is said about the
hood is " Cons: Hood Fit" Whats a deal here? this is pretty poor review.
Scale Auto Mag has really gone down hill in the last few years, too much die
cast cars reviewed and continuous repeated how-to article, I bought the
magazine for the plastic model reviews and how-to's. I will not renew my
subscription, I will need to find an alternate scale auto magazine.
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Should be 1963 Nova!
Cheers, Steve
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I tend to agree with you but this issue was one of the better ones in the past three years. I was astonished to hear that Chevy IIs ran on single-leaf rear springs. I thought it was bad enough you could look through the holes in my friend's '63 and watch the road go by. Had I known about the springs I may not have ridden with him. And that egomaniac Nader went after Corvairs...
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Mad Modeller

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