b-52 flap color

Can anyone tell me the color used for the inside of the flaps, and landing gear bays on a B-52? Revell gives a mix of two of their colors (40% leafgreen, 60% lufthansayellow), which doesn't tell me much...

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Testors 1184 Zinc Chromate

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verne foss

Flap wells and tip gear bays, doors: yellow primer

Main gear bays: uncamouflaged, SIOP (three greens over gloss white) : primer yellow strategic, single grays (roughly since the mid-1980s): gloss gray 16473

Upper flaps (covered by flap wells when retracted) uncamouflaged: aluminum SIOP: 34201 tan Strategic: 36118 Monotone Dark Gunship Gray: 36081 Monotone Gunship Gray: 36118

Hope this helps.

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