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Hey Guys & Gals
I'm working on a Testors 1/72 scale B-2 and I'm trying to spruce it up a
bit. I'm not going to open the bomb bays but I will leave the gear bays
open. Here in lies the rub, does any one have detail shots of the bays on
the B-2? I have ran a couple of searches on the net looking for air show
pics, and I have even been over to Wright Pat to the USAF Museum ( the B-2
there is roped off & bathed in blue lights so I can't see much detail ).
Any links or personal pics would be a big help. I'm on a high speed
connection so file size doesn't matter.
Thanks for the help.
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I have a similar pic but that is better than mine
Any more of the main gear bays would be great.
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I was just looking at the Squadron "In Action" book a few days ago, and it does have some good pictures of the gear bays in it. I'm considering getting it next time.
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Dominique Durocher

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