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I am trying to make models of the aircraft flown by the 318th Fighter Group during WWII. My father was supply officer for the 73rd and later the entire 318th.

The Thunderbold thing is taken care of.

I know the 333rd flew P-39s early on. The best I can figure out from the internet is that they flew P-39Ds and maybe P39Qs just before they converted to the P-47. I would like to find a picture of ny P-39 flown by the 333rd so I can model a praticular aircraft.

The same issue applies to the P-40s flown by the 19th and the 73rd.

There were other squadrons which were assigned to the 318th for short periods of time. If I can't find anything for the other squadrons, I would settle for the 44th or 72nd.

I've checked the web and not found any pictures. Narrative, yes, but not pictures. OK, I did find a P-39Q atributed to the 333rd, but I'm am not so sure that is accurate.

Thank you very much.

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are squadron (nose art?) patches of the 19th, 73rd, and 333rd squadrons, and some B&W pics of the P-39 on the 'Canton, Phoenix Islands' link. By the looks of the P-39 photos, there weren't any distinguishing markings, other than perhaps spinner stripes.

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