Revell Old Decals.

I have an old Revell 1/48 P-39, The Cobra II Racer edition.Manufactured in
1962.I just opened it for the first time in it's life.It is amazing how
glossy the plastic finnish is.The decals are inperfect condition except they
are yellowed from age. How do I bleach them out? I have heard that exposing
them to the sun will help but I wanted to ask you guys before I tried it.
And by the way, it comes with a 4 bladed prop.
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Steve Jahn
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Yep. Put them in a sealed Ziploc bag to protect them from moisture and leave them exposed to sunlight until they bleach out. Use them as soon as possible since eventually the decal and its paper backing will react again causing the film to turn yellow again.
Yeah, it does but it doesn't have the other external changes made to Cobra II.
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Al Superczynski
Even if you DO get them bleached out, old decals are notorious for getting brittle and cracking. I always scan a sheet of decals from an older kit. That way, if the decals ARE too bad to use, I can either make new ones myself or have one of my friends with an ALPS printer do them if they are too complicated for my printer.
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota
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