Spitfire Seats

I've come across references on this site and others that claim Spitfire seats to have been made from Bakelite. They were actually made from resin bonded paper!

The resin used was a reddish brown in colour, similar to bakelite but more red. The resin was not fully opague, which resulted in a mottled appearance, again similar to Bakelite. This would only be worth replicating on the larger scales.

Of course the original material doesn't matter as long as the right colour is used on the model, but I thought the info might be of interest.

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Yes, it is. Thanks!

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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One should also know that shortly after being introduced, the seat was enclosed in a metal pan (which negated the putative weight saving of the bakelite seat) to prevent cracking under G stresses which plagued early Mk.Vs. These were often retrofitted to later Mk.V airframes.

When depicting a bakelite seat in retrofitted Mk.V or later Spitfires, one should paint the red-brown on the inside of the seat pan only. The leather backrest and metal seat pan prevented the rest from being seen.

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Jessie C

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