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I am starting an Airfix Vulcan kit and want to finish it in the anti-flash white scheme. What would be the best type of spray can and technique to get a good solid white, non-yellowing finish, but which wouldn't obscure too much moulded detail?


Pat Macguire

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P & H Macguire
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Hi Pat,

I'd recommend Halfords spray canisters & their primers (white/grey) are also highly recommended.

However, Tamiya do smaller spray cans also if you prefer, plus I rember Humbrol doing even smaller cans.

Cheers, Stephen.

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I'll second the Halfords white primer route, then finish it with Halfords Gloss Appliance White, they come in a couple of sizes and with the large surface area of the Vulcan you may need to invest in a couple.

Heres a link to a Victor finished in the Halfords paints :

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Hope this helps.

Happy modelling Ant

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Ant Phillips

Yep, I'd agree 100% with the Halfords Appliance White - it's a stunning finish!


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Chris Hughes

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