Tamiya Panther Tank Kits Questions

I have a few of the old panther tanks and am just about through with the
G Late model.
The difference btwn the two is like night and day.
Question. Was the early Panther as simple as the kit or was the G that
much more advanced? I speak primarily of the detail to the rear panel
details, mufflers, added details above the engine and a much more
detailed chassis (is that the word?)
Or did Tamiya just update their Panther in general.
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The later Tamiya Panther is just a better detailed kit. If they did an A model (which their old kit was) now, it would be detailed as well as their G kits. Alternately, you could compare the new DML Panther A to the old Tamiya kit and you see the same night/day difference.
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Dave Williams
They got with the program and upgraded the kit. Fourteen years ago I bought the Model A kit, and the turret was so far out of scale (the mantlet in particular) that the guy that owned the shop where I bought it had opened the kit and put in a resin turret (from who I can't rememebr), an Eduard detail kit, and Modelkasten tracks.
I added some Verlinden figures, and the model is on my library shelf still.
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Allan K. Lindsay-O'Neal

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