Tamiya RC Tanks Large Scale. New

Dropped by the hobby shop today and they had a whole new series of
1/16 RC tanks. Checked the Internet and the illustration is in
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> The
ones I saw out of the box in the store were
RC German PzKw IV - Ausf.J
and the KV 2.
The details were there but at that scale they look toy-like. A good
weathering job might fix that. But the prices- aaaiiiyah - no way I
am going to drop that kind of money.
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PaPa Peng
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Seems a bit high. I bought the M26 Pershing a few years back & paid somewhere around $600. Then there were batteries, radio, etc. Probably spent $800 total. In fact, here it is for $683.
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Unless you're playing tank tag, you don't need the full option, either. That will reduce the price.
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the Legend of LAX

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