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Do any of you modelers have this gem from NWSL. I find it very useful. However the fiberboard base has been gouged from use, a weakness I was concerned about from the begining.

Being a bit inventive I have designed a better base for it using a sheet of

1/8" aluminum for the cutting surface, inset into a block of wood which I routed out.

I've contacted NSWL with the idea, but haven't heard anything back yet.

Is the basic product something you'd be interested in? Do you have one that's base is gouged from use and want a replacement that will most likely last as long as you do and then some?

Don't have any pricing yet, have to see about getting better prices for the components. I was just so pleased with my reults and my wife's first impulse was "Gee, could you sell those?"


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Frank, NWSL already sells a better version of the chopper. It is cast aluminum and much sturdier than the original one. It also has a replacable cuttign surface. They use one of those PVC cutting mats as the replacable surface.

I bought mine several years ago and I love it. Here is the info:

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That is probably the reason they haven't replied. Peteski

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Peter W.

I've got one each of the Chopper I, II and III. The II is the best one but if you use it with the fences/guidesprovided thin strip or rod tends to slide under the fence and screw things up.

I found the old solid aluminum guides from the Chopper I solve that problem.

Cookie Sewell

PS you CAN NOT scratchbuild, convert, modify or correct a model without one of these gizmos!

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Got one a month ago. It's a great tool. By the way, Walther's ( has them on sale

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