Hi there,
Recently I've started taking up more challenging projects and I'm
starting to feel the need of a vacform machine. I've seen several,
stated as 'working', on eBay. Since I live in the Old Continent, the
questions are:
How large/heavy is the thing?
Is it a self-sufficient(?) machine or do I need some outer source of
vacuum, eg a hoover?
And of course it works on 110 volt tension, right?
Any other comment would be appreciated.
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The old Mattel Vac-u-Form is about 5x6x12 inches, weighs maybe 2 pounds. It uses sheets roughly 0.020 inch thick, and its stage (i.e, size of sheet/maximum part size) is roughly 2.5x3 inches. It is self-contained, and uses 110V AC. The only electrical part is a heater element to soften the plastic sheet. The vacuum is provided by the Armstrong method ;^)
Steve H
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If you allude to the old Mattel's machine, some samples were manufactured in Belgium (mine at last, dated 1965) and work on 220-240V. Those available through Ebay are typically for the US market, rated on 110volt. BTW you can buy a power adapter/transformer at about 15-20 Euros to plug them on 220V.
-- Luca Beato -
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Luca Beato
As an alternative for the heat, you can use a heat gun or particularly powerful hair dryer and avoid the 110 AC issue. That's what I do, as the heater element is slow to warm the plastic on mine.
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steve gallacci
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scroll down to "Mould, Cast & Vacuum Form - yourself FAQ (see also Fibreglass etc)" for details on how to make your own Vacuum former and use thereof. regards Alan T. Alan's Hobby, Model & RC Web Links
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