Metal to nylon adhesive

One of my kits has a gear box, unfortunately the cog has either worn a bit, or has been heated in such a way that it no longer sits snugly on the metal shaft.

I have attempted 5min epoxy, even if only to fill out the space but that was unsuccessful.

Can anyone recommend some adhesive that works well to the point it may even just cause significant friction to prevent the cog from free spinning?

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Nylon is tricky because its so slippery. Gears like this are more likely to be Acetal which isn't much better. There are special Cyano Acryllates in the Loctite range for doing this job but if there's wear between shaft and gear you may need to find a 'Gel' type to take up the slack.

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Les Pickstock

JB Weld

You can get it in auto parts stores, it is used for fixing radiators, etc...

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I've been through this sort of thing. Nothing sticks particularly well to nylon. Your best bet may be to try pinning the gear to the shaft, by drilling a cross-hole through both gear and shaft and then inserting a bit of wire as a pin.

Steve H

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Loctite 480 (black Max) works GREATTTT !!!!

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Julian Herrero 'yuri'

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