Way off Topic: Airpistols w/CO2 cartridges Question

anyone here shoot? I got a pistol and I'm not sure how to use the
cartidges. The instructions are a bit unclear on this.
Do I have to use up the entire cartridge each time? That's around 150
or so shots.
Can I leave it in the pistol or will that weaken the seals?
Can I take it out and put it back in later if I don't want to shoot
that much at one time?
Howz it all work?
thx - Craig
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The CO2 cart is sealed, and is punctured to supply the gas charge once you clamp it into the pistol, so you *have* to leave it in the pistol until it is exhausted - you can't remove and recap it.
That doesn't mean however that the cart will hold pressure indefinitely if left in place - it will likely bleed out if left stored for a period of time. So it's best to shoot them out and store the pistol without a CO2 cart in it. Safer, too.
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"Once you puncture the cartridge the gas is free to exit into the gun. The screw on units that I'm familiar would be hard if not impossible to open after the gas is freed - the pressure on the end cap and resulting force of the threads should keep it from turning. There's usually a "O" ring that provides the pressure seal. When you design such a system it has a unacceptable leak rate specified - but haveing an unacceptable leak rate means anything less is acceptable. So the pressure chamber and internal seals on the trigger mechanisms etc will allow the gun to depressurize with time. Things may have changed - but the guns I had as a youth were best depleted at one session. Also as the session goes on the shots get weaker as the pressure decays.
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut

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