Tips for Installing Struts/Wings on Biplanes - Tiger Moth for this Request

Curious on the best way to get all the struts/wings set up at the same
time so they won't sag, etc.
the instructions call for the struts in front of the cockpit to go on
at #14 while the wing sections are not called out until #41. I was
planning on using .010 wire instead of string for the rigging so I am
not worried about that part.
Best to do all the wings and struts at the same time and tape or clamp
the entire kit ?
thx much - Craig
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If you are going to use wire rather than thread, you might well be able to to get away with that (build first, then rig afterwards), although you may have to get a tweezers out to get the rigging in place. The tiger Moth's rigging is fairly simple though - try a Wright Flier, Gotha bomber, or Vickers Vimy sometime. ;-) From the ones I've done, I'd say superglue is your friend in this regards, rather than liquid or tube cement. As has been mentioned in the articles about rigging, a compass with two points on its ends (rather than a point and pencil) is very helpful in measuring the exact length of wire needed between any two points the rigging will attach to, and will save a great deal of effort and wasted wire in trying to cut and fit the rigging.
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