Which PE for Trumpeter Hornet?

I got the Trumpeter 1/350 USS Hornet and is undecided which PE set to
My choice is between WEM or GMM. GMM lists 2 types, do you need both
I've read the reviews but none specifies the differences between the
Any comments as to which set you all use would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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Lim Chan Hiok
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I've got the WEM set and to do it right you need the ship and the airwing sets. Tom's Modelworks makes a decent basic set (I'm building one on commission and the guy wanted Tom's PE). I haven't personally seen the GMM sets but from the web you don't really need the second set unless you're really anal.
Lim Chan Hiok wrote:
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The GMM extras set adds perf catwalks among other things
Both sets are excellent. The big advantage to the WEM set is that if you are inclined to open the hangar deck, they offer an interior set. Their full set is quite expensive though.
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Bradford Chaucer

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