WTB C-141A Kit

I'm looking for a kit of the C-141A. DML put out an A (Kit #2003-1200) and
a B (Kit 2004-1200) model back in the late 80's. If push comes to shove, I
could de-mod a B back into an A. One of the doctors where I work flew on
the A model several years as a medical technician and would like to have a
model of the C-141A.
If you have a kit you are willing to part with, please let me know how much
you want for it, plus postage.
Please respond directly to my e-mail at: snipped-for-privacy@woh.rr.com
Mark E. Young, Jr.
Member, International Plastic Modelers Society
IPMS/Dayton Area Plastic Modelers Society
KC-135A - Built when man thought he could burn water.
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Mark E. Young, Jr.
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I was going to suggest looking for the old Aurora C-141A may be available on eBay but a quick search turned up only some wooden desk models. There were also some photos of aeromed evac units too. Try HobbyLink Japan's website.
Ed Robbeloth
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Hey RMSers,
I want to thank those that responded to my request. A DML kit has been located and acquired and I no longer need to bother you fine folks. Thanks to those that responded.
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Mark E. Young, Jr.

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