Looking for information on F-100 Kit

Hi All,
Perhaps somebody remembers this kit. As a child, way back when, my
father was very into plastic model airplanes. One of the models was of a
North American F-100, either a C or D model. I'd like to identify the
manufacturer and scale if anyone here should know. It had the following
1) Movable elevators
2) Molded in Silver plastic
3) 5" HVARs on stubs and drop tanks mounted under the wings
4) Larger than 1/48 scale
5) Very pronounced rivet detail
6) First produced no later than 1969
7) Odd looking exhaust, neither the clamshell type nor the F-102 version
that was used as a field mod.
Any help would be appreciated. If I can find one for a reasonable price,
I'd like to build it again as the original was lost about 15 years ago.
John S.
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John Stewart
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Most likely it was the Lindberg "1/48" kit:
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It was re-released not that long ago, and might still be found in stores or more reliably at swap meets.
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If so,
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Oops, $23.99
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willshak wrote in news:ks3jtl$qvl$ snipped-for-privacy@dont-email.me:
It is not the Lindberg, nor any other 1/48 kit. Too small, The model in question was larger and much less accurate, Probable scale is between 1/45 and 1/32,
Thanks for the information though.
John S
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John Stewart

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