Do you know the manufacturer of this F-100?

Hi All,
When I was a young child growing up in the late '60s, my father was very
much into scale modelling. At one point, he had both a F-100 and F-104. I
know my dad built alot of Lindbergh and Hawk models, and I can vaguely
remember a drawing of the model in sideview on the box tops or side panels.
I used to cut them out and put them on posterboard.

The F-104 I know was an old Lindbergh kit, complete with jet noise and the
downward ejection seat. The ejection seat and pilot could be removed from
the model, if I remember right.
It is the F-100 I am curious about. It was bigger than 1/48 scale, but
smaller than 1/32, molded in silver, with moveable stabilators and 5 in
rockets on the wings. Does anyone have an idea who the manufacturer was
and what scale this beastie might have been?
Thanks in advance for any hints to this model's origins you might be able
to provide. Maybe someday I'll find one and relive some old memories.
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John Stewart
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Even though you remember it being bigger than 1/48 scale I'm convinced that it must have been Lindberg's F-100 kit.
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Al Superczynski
if i can find mine, i'll scan the box top but i believe you are correct.
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Al: Was that the kit that had an additional fuselage side with battle damage so you could build it pristine or all shot up? If so, I remember seeing this series on the shelf of the hobby section at a Sears store way back when (the early 1970's if I remember correctly). Huh, waddisay? A hobby section at Sears? That truly WAS a l-o-n-g time ago.
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Bill Woodier
You're thinking of the IMC kit, a clone of the ~1/70 scale Revell model. It _was_ released by Lindberg later on (1990s ?) IIRC.
Yep. We're showing our age again... ;-p
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Al Superczynski
Whoa! I remember the little coupon books Sears would send out and I'd go pick up the Eldon Matchbook kits at 10 for a dollar.
Mark M
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Mark M
Bought my first Monogram 1/72 B-52 at the Sears hobby section, brings back memories! Hub
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Hub & Diane Plott III

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