Eanting a 1/72 scale Lockheed C-5 Galaxy!!! Where can I obtain this kit?

I was wanting to ask where I can get my hands on a 1/72scale Lockheed C-5 galaxy kit? I would like some information on where I may be able to get at least one kit.

Thanks, Erik

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Erik B.
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The only 1/72nd scale C-5 Galaxy I have ever been aware of is in a display in the Pentagon. It was scratchbuilt in the early 1980's by the Air Force Orientation Group, the Air Force display and exhibit outfit. We also had a

1/30th and a 1/40th. They were LARGE models.

-- Mark E. Young, Jr. MSGT, USAF (Ret) Member, International Plastic Modelers Society IPMS/Dayton Area Plastic Modelers Society KC-135A - Built when man thought he could burn water.

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Mark E. Young, Jr.

You mean we can't? Damn, another alternate energy source down the drain...

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Al Superczynski

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