Looking for a 1/72 c-5 galaxy vacuform kit!!!

I'm new in the google forums and the first question that I have been wanting to ask is if anyone can tell me of a person whomb might have at least one kit for sale? I have been searching for the kit since 1995!!! Is there someone who could supply me with some info on a collector or someone who has alot of vacform kits? I would be delighted with any information I can obtain. Thanks, E

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Erik B.
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You've fallen through google forums and into a weird place called USENET. Welcome to rec.models.scale! It's a bit different from forums or chat groups, your question will hang around for the next month or so, (actually, I guess on Google it will stay forever, but) answers should trickle in for about a week.

As you have a web connection and Google, I'd guess you've exhausted those possibilities. All I can say is that would be a big model!

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Jack Bohn

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