Looking for a Honda Del Sol kit.

One of my nephews owns a 1993 Honda Del Sol. He is serving in Afghanistan
right now and his wife would like to have a model of his car built before he
gets back.
Has the 1993 Honda Del Sol been kitted? Scale and type of kit is not all
that important. It can even be a diecast (ugh!).
Where can I find such an animal? I've looked around at some of the on-line
stores, but they only list the current offerings.
Any assistance will be appreciated.
Please respond to snipped-for-privacy@woh.rr.com
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Mark E. Young, Jr.
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Yes, Fujimi made one.
I did a quick Gogle search for "honda del sol model kit" and here is one of many links:
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Looks like it is Fujimi 18876 .
You might also check Hobby Link Japan and Rainbow Ten.
I'm pretty sure that diecast models were also made (probably in 1:43 scale).
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Peter W.
Thanks for your looking the kit up. I ran across it in my searching and it is definitely in the hunt. My nephew's car is a 1993 and the info provided with the kit does not list it's model year(s).
If there is a Del Sol aficionado out there, maybe they can tell me the differences, if any, between the years.
Again, thank you for your help.
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Mark E. Young, Jr.
You're welcome Mark!
I'm not a Del Sol expert, so I don't know what year the model is. Maybe someone else will chime in here.
Also, try posting your question on:
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That is a very active automotive board. Peteski
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Peter W.
Here's a Del Sol website:
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Ben Valdevarona

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