Sol gel hard coating of PC

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Hi: It is difficult to use sol gel which are TEOS, GPTMOS, MTEOS = coating on PC without primer. The adhesion on PC is bad. Is there any = promoter to add in solution which can help to coat easily.Of course, = coating on PC without primer. Thank you.

Chyun Lee

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Are you aware of the products offered by GE Toshiba Silicones (considering their recent history the name of the company might alread have changed to something different) for protecting PC against abrasion, chemicals etc.?

As a very general guideline you should look for "monomers" which are "soluble" in your polymer, i.e. which induce some swelling. As you mention MTEOS I assume you want to crosslink your sol-gel coating finally by UV. Acrylates would be my first choice. To identify suitable monomers you could look up the solubility parameters in the Polymer Handbook or similar sources.

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Oliver 'Ojo' Bedford

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