3ds to SolidWorks

Hi all
I was hoping that some of you could help me translate one 3ds model to
some format that SW understands. (IGES etc)
This is completely not profitable, just for my personal use... friend of
mine modelled an old Volvo Amazon on 3Dmax and I would like to render it
with SW, just for fun.
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Arto Kvick
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Hi Arto, E-mail me the file at snipped-for-privacy@massey.ac.nz and I'll convert it for you. Note that the model will be facetted as that's the way 3DS modles are, so it may not render very nicely in solidworks... depends how hi-res it is. Cheers Olaf
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Olaf Diegel
Try converting it to .stl format
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ShapeWorks automatically converts 3DS files into SolidWorks you can get it at
formatting link

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Baren-Boym Company

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